The Baseball Scare

I raced inside to my baseball practice at ProSwing.  R and I went upstairs to the bathroom and then HE PULLED a string to the fire alarm.  

Reid said, “Uh oh, what did I just do?”   

The alarm went off up stairs and we got scared by the loud siren and we zooomed down the stairs but thank god the alarm was not on downstairs.   Then a quarter through the class the FIRE ALARM went off downstairs. We had to go with someone to the front desk and sit down on a red bench with tears rolling down his bright red cheeks and then…they brought me to the front desk.

My dad was on the phone at the desk.  He had no idea what happened but then my mom came in and talked to my dad.  My mom got mad at my friend.I did not want her to get mad at him because he’s never going to have a play date again.   My mom did not care what I was saying she just kept yelling at him and he did not like it.  Then my mom told us to take her upstairs and show her exactly what happened!   In the bathroom, Reid pulled the string that people pulled when they can’t get up from the ground.  Then we went downstairs and the firefighters came in yelling, “Everybody out of the building RIGHT NOW!”

My mom said, “ YOU STARTED THIS!”


Then we left the building my two friends, my mom and I hid behind a car.  My mom called my dad.  A woman from the place came out and took us inside to talk to the police.  My friends and I were crying.  We were so scared.   Reid talked to the police and then I talked to the police.   The police officer was very nice to us!    We got my friend’s bag and went home.  When I got home I walked in with my head down and stamped up the stairs and SLAMMED MY BEDROOM DOOR BEHIND ME and sat down on the floor!


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