Rocketry Blog Post #4

The design of our rocket stands out to me because I think it was a really cool design. I liked the colors and the Three Musketeers logo. What stands out to me about our class’ launch was most of the rockets went really high.

My team job was being the air pumper. I felt it went well because I was careful about filling the air to 50. 

It was not my favorite job being the clinometer reader. Since it rained the day before, I didn’t like standing in the mud.

On our second launch our rocket went much higher than on our first launch. 


Our rocket went 129 feet high.  We are thinking about changing the cardboard fins into foam fins. We are thinking about this change because the group that used foam fins on their rocket went the highest. 


My team’s collaboration was okay. For example, no one was screaming at each other. One problem when our team was graphing the data was we didn’t agree on how high the rocket went.  

Rocketry Blog Post #3


Our group changed the design of the body of the rocket. We made it thinner, shorter and the tape neater to see if that would affect the rocket to go higher. Our second rocket went much higher than our first rocket. We didn’t have any challenging parts.


Our first attempt to build our second rocket was when we wrapped paper around the PVC pipe and sealed it with tape. The next day when we got to school, our rocket unraveled. The next attempt to build our second rocket was when we made a Superman rocket. One half of the body was blue tape and the other side was red. The nose cone was yellow and we wrapped it with yellow tape to the rocket body. We also made a Superman logo but instead of an S, we put the number three since we were The Three Musketeers.


In our group people listened to each other’s ideas. We had some disagreements but they were not big during the design and build phase.

Rocketry Blog Post #2


 My group’s first rocket stood out because it was the biggest and was colorful. It also went the lowest. One rocket that stood out was the one with the pink nose cone, white fins and black body. The tape was very neat and cool.

My job was placing the rocket on the PVC pipe and pressing the button to launch the rocket. I liked this job because I liked pressing the button to make it launch. I feel like I did a good job at being the clinometer reader but it wasn’t my favorite because I had to stand in the mud.

My group is changed the body of the rocket. We made it thinner and shorter to make the rocket go higher. We also measured the rocket that went the highest and used those measurements.

Our group worked well except when we argued about who would hold and keep the rocket. We decided to do a raffle to settle it. 



Rocketry Blog Post #1

We used an inspiration board to help us build the rocket. I’m going to tell you how we made the nose cone. First, we got paper and cut out a circle. We cut halfway through the circle and pulled the two corners to make a cone shape.

 Now I’m going to tell you how we made the body. We got a PVC pipe and paper. Then we wrapped the paper around the PVC pipe. Then we slid out the PVC pipe and taped the paper to make a tube.

 Now I’m going to tell you how we made the fins. We looked online for rocket fins and we found one that we liked. We cut it out on cardboard.

We picked a thick PVC pipe so it can carry more air and go higher and a pointy nose cone so it cuts through the air better.   

Our first launch did not go well because we used too much tape. Another reason is we made the rocket too tall.