Rocketry Blog Post #3


Our group changed the design of the body of the rocket. We made it thinner, shorter and the tape neater to see if that would affect the rocket to go higher. Our second rocket went much higher than our first rocket. We didn’t have any challenging parts.


Our first attempt to build our second rocket was when we wrapped paper around the PVC pipe and sealed it with tape. The next day when we got to school, our rocket unraveled. The next attempt to build our second rocket was when we made a Superman rocket. One half of the body was blue tape and the other side was red. The nose cone was yellow and we wrapped it with yellow tape to the rocket body. We also made a Superman logo but instead of an S, we put the number three since we were The Three Musketeers.


In our group people listened to each other’s ideas. We had some disagreements but they were not big during the design and build phase.

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