Capstone Blog Post #1

The topic I chose is the sinking of the Titanic. My main inquiry question is: What impact did the sinking of the Titanic have on the building of future boats?


After reading a few books about the Titanic I became extremely interested in how it sank, why it sank, and whether boats are built more safely today.


It was challenging choosing my main inquiry question because there were so many options I could choose from. For instance, a couple of the options had to do with the people or crew on the ship or why there were not that many lifeboats to save everyone.


After determining my main inquiry question I had to think about the building of the Titanic and what changes might be made today. My first sub question explores what happened to the Titanic to make it sink. My second sub question is important because it will give me information on how the ship was designed to keep passengers safe and how safety measures developed over the years. My third sub question will help me find information about the education a person must have to design and to build an enormous ship. My fourth sub question is helpful to learn about how ship technology has changed over the years. Finally, my fifth sub question is how laws have changed since the sinking of the Titanic.


I usually do not like to research topics however, I have learned that if you’re interested in a topic it can be very enjoyable to research. 

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