My Weekend Soccer game

On Sunday May 7th my team and I played a soccer game against Mamaroneck  at Mamaroneck school and my team played really well so we won! In the first half of the game the score was three to zero, us.

There was one person on my team who scored two goals. She is a very good shooter and usually always makes her shots. I scored one goal, and two more girls made one goal each too. At the end of the game the score was six to zero. My team could of scored more goals but you can only have a six goal difference in a soccer game or else the other team will feel bad.

In the first half of the game the goalie was me and I saved all the shots that the other team shot. There was one goal and it was a really hard shot to block because it was a penalty shot and nobody was aloud to block her shot except for me. When the girl shot the ball she shot it in the high left corner of the goal, but not to high that I couldn’t block the shot. I dove for the ball and I caught the ball. In the second half of the game the goalie was about to let in a goal but then she caught the ball. That was my soccer game, comment down below if you have played against Mamaroneck’s soccer teams.

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  1. Hey Casey,
    I am so happy that you won your soccer game. I really liked how you included a picture of where you played the game. It was cool how you included how you almost let the ball in, but you saved it. I used to play soccer, but I don’t anymore.Bye!

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