Basketball Practice

Hi everyone! Today I had a basketball practice at Kol Ami gym with a really good coach. He told me and my friends that we have to work on dribbling with our left hand. Everyone came up with ideas how to work on our left hand dribble. Then I said that we should do five hundred dribbles with our left hand and we have until next practice to do it. I have already done one hundred dribbles with my left hand.

Later that practice we were split up into two teams and we had to make layups and the first team to make seven layups won. There were four people in each team. On my team I went first and I made my layup, but someone on the other team shot at the same time as me and I knocked their ball out of the hoop. The score was one to zero my team. After another two people on my team went and two more people on the other team went the score was three to two my team. At the end of the game my team won by one point, the score at the end was seven to six my team.

There was many other things that we did at that practice like doing jump shots, dribbling races, and much more. That practice was really fun. Have you ever played any sports at Kol Ami Gym? If you have had any fun basketball practices or like to do basketball comment down below. Kol Ami is also a temple, preschool and much more. Bye see you at my next post!


  1. Cool! I also play Basketball. What team do you play on, and what’s your favourite NCAA team in Basket ball? And what’s your favourite team in the NBA?

    1. Shota,
      I play on two basketball teams. The teams are Extreme Hoops and the Hawks. My favorite NBA team is the Knicks. Thanks for asking questions! -Casey

  2. Casey, although I have not played any sports at Kol Ami I have went there to drop my sister off at practice. I think that the 500 dribbles with your left hand is really smart. Do they do only basketball there?

  3. Hi Casey,
    I also do basketball at Kol Ami with you and like our coach. My favorite drills he does are shooting competitions and lay up lines. What is your favorite drill he does?

    1. Elizabeth,
      My favorite drill is the one where we have to make a foul shot and if we miss the shot we have to run.
      Thanks for asking!

  4. HI Casey,
    I used to play at Kol Ami and I played basketball. The team was called Extreme Hoops and the couch was Mike. You did it with me. Did you like that team and did you like the coach?

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