Book Review of A Snicker Of Magic

Hey guys, I just finished the book “A Snicker Of  Magic” by Natalie Lloyd, the genre of this book is fantasy. I know this because in the book a painting moves and there is magic so it is fake. This book is about a girl named Felicity who moves to Midnight Gulch and Felicity catches words and writes them down in her blue notebook. There is also a boy named Jonah (the Beetle ) who helps Felicity in a duel at her school and her friend Toast has Stone and Berry’s banjo and guitar. Berry and Stone are magical and they split up and Stone is related to Felicity and Felicity has a curse on her and her family. To get rid of the curse, Toast has to play the song Tender Ladies at the fair for the curse to be broken. Felicity’s mom used to be a painter, but she hasn’t been painting a lot and she is going to paint the Gallery that Stone and Berry painted, but then the paint wore off.

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One of the main characters is Felicity, she is very lucky. One way I know this is because she gets the dove tattoo and most people do not get the dove. The dove just appears on someone’s arm when they are having bad luck and it comes and that person gets good luck when it is on their arm. Another reason that I know that Felicity is lucky is because she broke the curse early enough and if she didn’t break the curse her whole family including herself would be cursed forever. She is also lucky because she got her mom to paint the Gallery. The last way that Felicity is lucky is because she knew the beetle and the beetle helped her and that is very lucky. Jonah the Beetle is very complicated. I know this because at school he is just Jonah but out of school with Felicity he is the Beetle. He is also complicated because he does not tell anyone anything and nobody knows why. Melody’s mom changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. She changed because in the beginning of the story she did not want to paint  and in the end of the story she painted. I know why she did not want to paint  in the beginning of the story and she did at the end. She did this because she had no reason to paint in the begging, but at the end of the story she had a reason to paint so she decided to paint.

The life lesson in this story is don’t live in the past live in the future. I know this because everyone used to think how magical Midnight Gulch was and about Stone and Berry. Nobody thought about what good things could happen in the future and not the bad things that happened in the past. This story relates to me because I always think about what happened in the past, but instead I should be thinking of things that could happen in the future. I think that if people would think more about their future and less about their past they would have a better life. If they keep thinking about the past that was sad they won’t have time to enjoy life while you have it.

Related imageThis is a really good book. I don’t usually like fantasy books but this one I especially like. There is also a second book to this series called “A Key To Extraordinary.” If you have ever read “A Snicker Of Magic” or “A Key to Extraordinary” comment down below if you liked it or not. If you have never read these books I suggest reading them because they are really good.  You can buy both books “A Snicker of Magic” and “A Key to Extraordinary” at scholastic. Hope you read the books! Bye thanks for reading.

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