My kayak trip to the Scardale pool!

Monday June 12 my class, my P.E teacher, and I went kayaking at the Scarsdale Pool. When we got to the pool we had to put on our P.F.D (Personal, Flotation, Device.)

After that my P.E teacher showed us all of the types of boats we were going to try. Some of the boats are Freestyle boat, A white water boat, a touring boat which was harder to turn than other boats, the Jackson boat which was very easy to turn because it was small, the recreational boat, and we also went on a stand up paddle board.

My favorite boat was the Jackson boat because when you turn in it the boat turns so much. When I first went into the Jackson boat I almost didn’t fit into the boat because it was very small, but I did fit in.

After everyone went on each boat at least once or twice we had free swim and it was so much fun. If you ever go to the Scarsdale pool you should ask if you can bring a kayak. See you at my next post.


  1. Hi Casey,
    I liked your blog post! My favorite boat was also the Jackson boat. I also liked the stand up paddle board. Would you want to go kayaking again? I would.

  2. Hi Casey,
    I thought your blog post about the kayaking field trip was very cool!😁
    I also thought that the Jackson boat was the best too because it went so fast!🚣🏻‍♀️
    What was your least favorite kayak?
    Jen 💞

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