Breakout EDU!!!!

Hi guys! A few days ago My class and I did escape the room at our school Fox Meadow with our computer teacher. We went across the hall from our classroom and our computer teacher explained the rules.

First he said that we had to find hints all around the room to open five locks on a box with candy inside. we weren’t actually so posed to escape the room we were just so posed to open the box with candy inside, but we still called it escape the room.

We had 45 minutes to open the box. When we started everyone started to look behind posters and looking under tables. The first hint that we found was a bunch of pictures of pencils that had different letters on them and were pointing in a certain directions. One of the locks had arrows on them so we put the arrows in the direction the pictures of pencils went. Other people in my class found hints and we eventually opened the box and everyone got one Hershey Kiss.

That day was very fun and I hope my class and I can do that again, but a little bit harder. If you ever have nothing to do maybe you could get a couple of friends and make an Escape the room yourself. Bye see you later!

Everyone had a chance to contribute because when anyone had an idea of what the combination to one of the locks were we picked out of a cup to see who should try to open the lock. Another way that I know that everyone had a chance to contribute is because there were many clues and everyone got to find one clue and tell everyone about it.


  1. Casey, your post was super interesting. I think the word supposed is spelled wrong, but everything else is fine. Do you think that everyone got to be heard when they contributed?

  2. Hi Casey,
    I think your blog was great! Your link was very cool, and I like how you linked it to Fox Meadow.


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