Amazing Octopuses

There are so many types of octopus. SomeĀ of the octopuses are the mimic octopus, the coconut octopus, the algae octopus, and the hairy octopus.

The mimic octopus spreads its arms out to look like jelly It can also bunch its arms together and look like a lion fish. The octopus can also stretch itself to look like a sea snake.

The coconut octopus gets its name from its habit of hiding in empty coconut shells. The coconut octopuses body is the size of your thumb and its arms are tree times the length of its body. When the octopus is on the sand it turns a matching color of dark gray. The octopus slides most of its arms over the sand. The rest of its body moves over the shell. After that the octopus flips the shell back over and flows underneath it.

The algae octopus can look like a long piece of seaweed. When the algae octopus stays still on the bottom of the water it looks invisible. The hairy octopus makes itself look very soft and fuzzy and also the hairy octopus when stays still on the bottom of the water looks invisible like the algae octopus.

All octopuses have different things they can do and that is what makes them different from each other.

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