Back from camp

Hi everyone. On Friday I came home from Camp Mataponi. It was so much fun.

I was in bunk 18 and I had the same people in my bunk as last year. In my age group all of the people in the bunks from last year got split up this year and everyone was really upset, but then they met new people and became best friends.

Camp is so much fun because you get to do many different activity’s and hang out with all of your best friends. My favorite activity at camp is by far water ski. When I water skiĀ  I can do one ski trainer rope. At camp during water ski you can also tub. I always tub with my friends and have a great time.

On Tuesday I am going to the Hampton’s. I can’t wait because I am seeing one of my best friends that I have not seen in a month. I will give the update on what I did in the Hampton’s when I get back. See you guys later.

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