Through Your Eyes

castanedanpr_mini_wide-ac2583b856126f29bd77685a5a7fde2c3503f637-s1500-c85It’s easy to see the world through your own eyes. But seeing it through the eyes of another person takes some practice and heart to fully understand their experiences. Listen to the story linked below. Respond to the following:

  1. write about how this story provides an example of empathy.
  2. write about a time when you empathized (been aware or understood the feelings of another person) with someone else.
  3. Briefly explain (to someone younger than you) why the girl felt shame.



23 thoughts on “Through Your Eyes

  1. I think that the girl showed empathy because she knew that after she saw where her bed was, she felt bad for the other family because they lived in a one room house with a dirt floor. She felt like an ungrateful kid. She understood how hard it was for the other family. They had just wanted food, but she and her mother gave them more.

  2. This story was very heartwarming. And the last time I empathized was with my mother. I told her a story and she started to cry and I was like, what?

  3. That was a heart warming story and it is true that not all people are so lucky so it is important that we show empathy to the people around us

  4. i like when her grandma whent to the farmers house thay wher por and they need the farmers to cepp us alive and grow food and she criyed at how por that were.

  5. the story had empathy in it because when she looked at the lady using her bed and see the farmers she had to get the lady on the beds feelings because she was upset about how she had no bed but she stopped her anger when she saw the lady

  6. wow! that was a amazing story! it was a really touching story. Like the time when it said that the dad died hen she was 13.

  7. I felt empathized when I was with my sister who was on the verge of tears. I didn’t feel bad for her at first but then I realized that I would be on the verge of tears also if I was her. That’s one time when I felt empathized. This story shows empathy because even though in the beginning the girl was a little bit selfish, but in the end, the girl realized how somebody beside herself, felt.

  8. That is a great story, it is very emotional. and that was the right thing to do

  9. it is sad and inspiring I can feel everything that has happened, when she felt foolish I felt like it was me doing something very foolish

  10. I showed empathy when my cousin had a horrible birthday. I never expeirienced that before, but I felt very bad for her.

  11. It provides such empathy. When I knew how poor that family was. It was such a sad story. I just can’t believe how that family lived. That all they wanted just was food and water just that. I just could not believe it. I was crying when I finished. It was such a touching story. To know how those people live is just heart breaking.

  12. The girl felt shame because she realized how much she had and how she had been ungrateful for all those things after she saw the family from Mexico.

  13. I think the girl felt shamed because she didn’t know how much her grandma gave her and her parents just wanted food.

  14. I think it is very insparational.It teaches us to care about others and feel empathy.Once I was playing in the snow and my sister fell and she started to cry because snow was on her face.I felt really bad for her;)

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