Reaching for the Sky

Two young sisters show that creative, problem solvers can accomplish anything, including the seemingly impossible. Watch how these girls started with a seed idea, then launched their imagination into the atmosphere. What were the keys to success for these children?

The Mystery of the Moving Stones

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of the “slithering stones” of Death Valley (California). These volcanic rocks have been known to move by themselves across the riverbed. No one has recorded this movement until recently and researchers believe they have uncovered a possible explanation for this strange movement that leaves a trail behind the stones. Watch the time lapse video below, then click this link to a video story breaking down this phenomenon, to help us understand the stones’ “action.” After watching the video, Reply to the following: In your own words, what causes these stones to slither across this Death Valley riverbed?

Can They? Yes They Can.

This commercial from Microsoft shows the reality that girls today are unlikely to pursue or achieve in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and how this reality can motivate today’s girls to think about the possibilities in their future. In the Reply section below, please answer these two questions: Who is the intended audience of this video? What techniques or storytelling elements (pictures, music, editing, spoken words, body language, etc) does Microsoft use in this video to show that girls today should have reason to hope?


Making Mochi

Mochi is a Japanese delicacy made with a special grain of rice. It takes a highly skilled person to make mochi. This video introduces the audience to the traditional art and craft of making mochi. Watch as the master explains his lightning quick techniques for turning rice into a classic Japanese treat. After watching, use the Reply space below to answer this: How do you think someone becomes a master or an expert at anything?