How Do You Define Sport?

How do you define sport or athlete? There are nearly 60 events in the Summer and Winter Olympics, but each year there are some that get people to stop and ask, “How is this a sport?” And then there’s another event that’s become very popular in competitive sports world — Sport (Cup) Stacking. Watch this video to learn about this fast growing sport! Then reply to this post with a response to the question — What makes cup stacking a sport?

Taylor Swift Inspires

With the Grammy Awards Show coming up later this month, a video featuring the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift from last year’s Grammys has been turned into an inspirational video. 

This video is meant to embolden girls. Why is this message targeting girls and not boys? How are boys supposed to feel about this video?


Through Your Eyes

castanedanpr_mini_wide-ac2583b856126f29bd77685a5a7fde2c3503f637-s1500-c85It’s easy to see the world through your own eyes. But seeing it through the eyes of another person takes some practice and heart to fully understand their experiences. Listen to the story linked below. Respond to the following:

  1. write about how this story provides an example of empathy.
  2. write about a time when you empathized (been aware or understood the feelings of another person) with someone else.
  3. Briefly explain (to someone younger than you) why the girl felt shame.