Mystery Book Club

In A Jigsaw Jones Mystery, The Case of the Vanishing Painting, Jigsaw Jones’ class makes art and they will display it on Parents’ Night. Geetha, the best artist in the grade, made a piece of art but it got stolen! Jigsaw and his detective partner/sidekick, Mila’s first suspect was Joey (a boy who devours food) because on the piece of art there was a Everlasting Gobstopper. But then they realize Joey wouldn’t steal the art ’cause you couldn’t eat the art, just the gobstopper because he only would eat the gobstopper.

After that their suspect is Geetha herself because Mila went to get a drink of water but secretly she was listening to a conversation between Geetha and the art teacher. The suspect is Geetha because their conversation was that the art teacher asked if Geetha wanted to make a different piece of art and hang it up on Parents’ Night but Geetha said no. Since Geetha is shy and she said no, they think Geetha stole it on purpose just so she didn’t have to hang it up. The only thing is Jigsaw Jones and Mila Yeh need more proof.