Rube Goldberg #2 – Meeting for the First Time

It was a day or two after I figured out who I was going to work with in the Rube Goldberg Project when my team met for the first time. Usually we wouldn’t all be free, but it was a snow day which meant there was no school, so we could meet during what would of been the school hours if it hadn’t been a snow day.

They came over to my house, even though we were going to build the project at Hana’s house. We tried to draw the sketch, but we couldn’t really because we had no idea what Hana’s house looked like, so we didn’t know how much space we had, or anything like that. To be fully truthful, however, kind of used the excuse of not knowing what Hana’s house looked like to play.

We weren’t really a productive group, so I was having some second thoughts about working with four people already.

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