Rube Goldberg #7 – Fails, Successes, and the Video

We hypothesized how many fails we would have to get to one success. All our guesses were off. Ally guessed 4 fails, I guessed 6 fails, and Hana guessed 24 fails. At the time, Barbara wasn’t there to guess. The real number of fails was 8. We got 2 successes, because during our first one we were too loud so we re-filmed a success.

I feel bad for Barbara because she missed it, but then she got to edit most of the video, even though she wasn’t there to start it. She got most of the credit (technically she gave it to herself, but she deserves it). I think Barbara made the movie on iMovie, because I think she was more used to it.

Our video starts off with me explaining the steps, then we show the fails, and then the success.

This is our final video:

Here are some videos we watched for inspiration:

Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Magnets and Marbles!