My 2nd Scratch Project

After I liked how my 1st scratch project was going, and started working on my 2nd scratch project. I logged into my original account, the one without my pong game. I saw that I had made a scratch project before, and I liked it so I decided to make it my 2nd scratch project. I went inside and added some things, though.

My second scratch project is called My Virtual Pet. You get a dog as your pet, and you can play with it and feed it by clicking on the objects. If your dog is too full, drank enough water, or isn’t bored, your dog won’t eat, drink, or play. But if your dog gets too hungry, bored, or thirsty, your dog will faint.

This project isn’t that complicated, but I hope you like it:

3 thoughts on “My 2nd Scratch Project

  1. I really thought this blog post and coding game was great! Your blog post explained that you already made this but you added a lot so basically all the editing you did was just like another game. I really like the game because I have seen other games like this and none of them had a challenge and I thought it was very creative.

  2. I like how you explained how to play the game. Just another problem… it said “Oh no! We’re having trouble displaying this Scratch project!” Again…

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