My 3rd Scratch Project

After I came up with two scratch projects, I considered what I would make my 3rd one like.

I decided I wanted to make it a little more complicated than my first two projects. But I didn’t know what it should be. Maybe it should be a platformer game of some sort. I wasn’t sure. But I couldn’t really think of anything else.

Eventually I decided I wanted a platformer game. I started it, but halfway in I realized it was too hard, and that it probably wouldn’t be done in time. So I brainstormed new ideas.

Then I remembered a featured project that was kind of like a story, so I decided to code a story. I wanted to have a castle theme, so it is about a prince and a princess.

Here it is:

2 thoughts on “My 3rd Scratch Project

  1. I thought that both blog post and game (story) were amazing! Your blog post really intrested me at the part were you tried another game but swithced. I loved the story!

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