Site Visit – Capstone #4

Finding a site visit was harder than finding an interview, at least for me. After Mrs. Edwards and I found an interview, we started to look for a site visit. There wasn’t a lot of places to go to that were nearby. After a lot of looking around, Mrs. Edwards looked at an email from my mom that listed two possible interview people, and under one of the people’s names Mrs. Edwards clicked on a link to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Mrs. Edwards said that the laboratory could be my site visit after checking it out, and I was VERY happy that I found a site visit, because I was a little scared that I wouldn’t find one.

My mom and I scheduled a site visit on Saturday, May 19, to visit the laboratory.

Saturday was a rainy and wet day, which was too bad because Cold Spring Harbor was probably a pretty place when it wasn’t raining. I took some pictures of it anyway:

My mom and I went to the laboratory and met up with Z. Josh Huang, who showed us around. First he showed us his office, then we went into different labs, and after that we went into a really cold room to get slides. After we retrieved the slides, we then went into a lab with different microscopes in it, and I got to see a rat’s brain cell through the microscope that was on one of the slides. I tried to take some pictures of it, but it was kind of hard so my pictures aren’t that great.

Here are some of my pictures:

Me with Z. Josh Huang

Rat experiments

Microscope with slides on it

Rat’s brain cell through microscope (genetically colored red making it easy to see)

I think it was a really cool experience overall, and my favorite part was when I saw the brain cell through the microscope.

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  1. I really like your post. It went into a lot of detail and I liked how you said your favorite part was. I really like how you added pictures. It gave me a better understanding. Good Job.

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