Working on my Final Project – Capstone #6

For our final project, we had a choice of doing a TED Talk or an Ignite (we could also do a movie but that was only if we REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t want to do anything else). Let me explain what they are. A TED Talk is basically just a talk, while an Ignite is a talk that lasts for 5 mins (only professional ones are 5 mins, our Ignites were only 3 mins) and it automatically advances every 15 secs, which means there are 20 slides for a 5 min Ignite.

I chose to do a TED Talk, because of two reasons. First, the format was easier, because in an Ignite you have to make sure every slide is 15 sec long and you can only have a certain amount of slides, but with a TED Talk, you have way more freedom, and if you stumble on an Ignite then it might automatically advance without you, making you rush. Second, I had a lot of information on my topic, and Ignites are shorter, which would mean if I did an Ignite I would have to cram everything in 3 mins.

After choosing the type of talk, I started my script. I started a table and put my script in it. I basically used my essay‘s examples in my script. Then I went over and over and over again to revise and edit my script.

Finally after finishing my script, I started my slideshow. I think this step was probably one of the hardest. I had to find the right pictures to match my slides, and many of the pictures that I really liked had watermarks on them, and that made me frustrated. It took a lot of going through the slideshow again and again and again to make it good. And even then, it still could be better.

After that, I had to memorize all my lines. I thought it was unfair that index cards were not recommended, and if you do use them, then each one could only have like 2 or 3 words on it. I thought it especially unfair when I found out other classes got to have index cards and each one had like 20 words on it!!!! Anyway, because I had to memorize it, I had to practice, Practice, PRACTICE! I was half surprised that I basically knew my lines from the start, but that was because I went through my script so much when revising and editing that I knew it pretty well.

After looking at other people’s presentations and getting feedback, I had to change some more things in my slideshow (I added pictures and words, deleted some). Also, when presenting, everyone said that I talked too fast, but I thought it was really hard to talk s l o w. I wanted to tell them, I’m not a natural speaker, you know! And I don’t like speaking in front of an audience, so I speak fast to get it over with! (but I didn’t because I guess they had a point: I did go too fast and I could get better with a lot of practice)

Finally, I think I can say that my slideshow is done! Well, I really hope (fingers crossed). But as Capstone sharing days are coming nearer and nearer (and nearer), I really do hope that my slideshow is done, and that I speak loud and s l o w enough without stumbling on my lines…

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