Presenting My Final Project – Capstone #7

WOW!!!!!!!!! This is it! The final blog post which is about the final presentation!

Okay, so in my previous blog post, I wrote about working on my final presentation. And I can’t believe that I was already presenting on Tuesday, June 19!

So on Tuesday, 5th grade wore our Moving Up Ceremony T-shirts to school. At 9:00, we had our Moving Up Ceremony, and it went pretty well.

After that, we went into our assigned room to give our presentations. I was assigned in Mrs. Edwards’ Room, and I was kind of bummed out because I really wanted to be in the computer room. I wanted to be in the computer room because (1) I would of looked and felt more professional, (2) the other rooms weren’t as good as the computer room; the library didn’t look as professional, and in the auditorium you would use microphones and those things make me nervous, (3) I would be able to see students from other classes’ presentations in the computer room (but in Mrs. Edwards’ room there was only Mrs. Edwards’ students, not other students from other classes).

So I slowly went into Mrs. Edwards’ room to present, along with Alex A., Emma, Hana, Matthew, Ben, Barbara, Ayyan, Will M., Eli, and Dani. I presented after Barbara, and by the time it was my turn I was really hot and sweaty (and did I forget to mention that I was extremely nervous?).

Okay, so I went up on my feet and I looked at the audience. As soon as this happened, I started to sweat. BAD. And I realized how hot it was and how the fans were NOT directed in my position.

Mrs. Edwards started filming, giving me the thumbs up sign, so I forced myself to start talking. And I guess the more I talked, the easier it became, but this did NOT mean that it was easy to talk to an audience.

I forgot what I was saying only about once, and this was because I added onto my script just the day before, so I didn’t really have it memorized yet. Other than that, though, the rest went in my favor.

I’ll give you a look at my presentation (please don’t judge):

(ignore the end part about visiting my blog, because that’s where you are right now!)

I think I did a good job on my presentation, and I learned a few things. I learned that hard work really pays off. I added a lot of information to my presentation and practiced a lot to memorize my script, and in the end it made my presentation pretty decent. And although practice might not make perfect, it can make something extremely good, and I learned that practice can make something the closest it can get to perfect.

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