Last Blog Post (6/11)

The last blog post for the quarter. I’m a bit disappointed that we never got to make anything in Technology. I was really looking forward to making a wooden box and the other projects that we never got to do. Still, I’m glad we had Technology online, and I learned a lot. I learned about the properties of different materials, how to recycle them, how to tell them apart. But I wish we could be in class and do more hands-on activities together.

Living in lockdown was something new, and a lot of things changed. Summer is going to be different too, so I hope that things go back to normal by next year.

Summer and the Future (6/4)

A lot of things have been going on lately. It is hard to travel for the summer because of the virus, and my summer vacations have been altered. Originally, my family was supposed to go to Europe for the summer. Then we changed our plans to go to Maine, but learned that visitors going there would have to self isolate for 14 days. Now, we are planning to go to upstate New York. Summer camps are also being forced to close or go online. Everything around us is being changed and updated, and while some places are reopening, others are extending quarantine.

I wonder what school will be like in September, and whether it will be able to reopen. I hope that school can return back to normal by next year, but nothing seems certain for now. Life in quarantine is becoming the new normal for me, and I can’t remember what it was like to go to school.