Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant Field Trip

For a taste of some Spanish dishes, we went on a field trip to a Peruvian restaurant: Pollo a La Brasa – Misti Restaurant. We tried five dishes: pollo saltado (chicken with rice), lomo saltado (steak with rice), tallarin saltado de carne (steak with noodles), pescado al ajo (fish), ensalada de verduras (salad). We also tried a┬áPeruvian beverage: chicha morada.

Each class split in groups who each sat with a chaperone or at least near one. I was in a group with Ally, Giana, and William M – so without a chaperone! At the restaurant there wasn’t enough tables, so one of the groups split and sat at different tables, so we had to make room for William L. and Eli.

We had worksheets with questions to ask every person at our table. The questions were asking if you like the food, which food was your favorite, if you liked the chicha morada, and things like that.

All the food was great! But my favorite dish was probably either lomo saltado or tallarin saltado de carne (probably because I like most steak dishes).

Overall I think it was a great experience!