Technology – Blog Posts

On our fourth day of Tech, we wrote blog posts (interesting – writing about blog posts on a blog post!). Our portfolio is worth 20% of our grade, so I’m getting these blogs done before I forget. Although writing these may not be the most exciting thing in the world, I think it is a great way to reflect the things I have done and the things I will do in Technology. I am able to reflect on my day, and it helps me understand what we have gone over better.

Interview 1 – Capstone #3a

For my interview, I met with Mrs. Edwards, and we went through different articles and contacted two people from the articles.

One of the people we contacted replied, and said we could interview him! His name was Marc Palaus, and he was a neuroscientist. I was SO happy that one of them replied!

I researched more about Marc Palaus, and I found this* (scroll down to the end to read more).

Mrs. Edwards and I came up with 10 interview questions to ask Marc Palaus.

  1. Why did you choose to be a neuroscientist?
  2. What made you interested in studying video games’ and how they affect the brain?
  3. What are the cons of playing video games?
  4. What makes video game playing addictive?
  5. What role does age play in the effects of video game playing on the brain?
  6. How can you minimize the negative effects from video games?
  7. Based on your research, what recommendations do you have for children playing video games?
  8. Based on your research, what recommendations do you have for older people playing video games?
  9. Based on your research, how can video games possibly be used for people with diminished brain functioning like someone who has had a stroke or someone who has Alzheimer’s?
  10. How can parents help with their kids’ addiction?


I wrote an outline to help me.

Mrs. Edwards helped me print everything out and get it ready for Tuesday, May 15, the day I interviewed Marc Palaus.

When Tuesday finally came, I was VERY nervous. I had a lot of thoughts going inside my head. What if I mess up? What if he never answers when we call him? What if he changes his mind and doesn’t want to interview me?

At 8:40, I shakily walked down to the computer lab. Mr. Casal helped me get everything ready for my interview. Then, he called Marc Palaus through Google Hangouts, and my interview started.

When I first started, I was VERY nervous, but the more I got into the interview, the more relaxed I got.

There was only one thing that didn’t go too smoothly. During the interview, there was a screen recorder that was recording the whole thing, so if I missed something I could go back and look at it. However, the screen recorder stopped recording. Luckily I noticed it before it was too late. Other than that, though, the rest of the interview went smoothly.

I learned a lot. Now I know that controlling your time spent on video games is very important.

After the interview, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.


*click on it, it’s about an article Marc Palaus helped contribute to, but if you’re too lazy to go back up, click on this (it’s the same link)

My 3rd Scratch Project

After I came up with two scratch projects, I considered what I would make my 3rd one like.

I decided I wanted to make it a little more complicated than my first two projects. But I didn’t know what it should be. Maybe it should be a platformer game of some sort. I wasn’t sure. But I couldn’t really think of anything else.

Eventually I decided I wanted a platformer game. I started it, but halfway in I realized it was too hard, and that it probably wouldn’t be done in time. So I brainstormed new ideas.

Then I remembered a featured project that was kind of like a story, so I decided to code a story. I wanted to have a castle theme, so it is about a prince and a princess.

Here it is: