“Build Things” (4/23)

To me, building something means to form a structure by putting different materials together and creating something new.

I wouldn’t say that I have built a big project before, but I have done some small things. Last year in Technology, we built several things, including a circuit, a person made from wire, a flashlight, switches, and an automaton.

Building the automaton was the hardest one for me. I decided to build a dog that gave the impression of walking. It was difficult to make the dog’s legs move, and the finished product wasn’t exactly how I originally pictured it to be. Constructing the automaton had certain elements that were easy, but other days it was challenging and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish it. Sometimes I would feel energized when finishing a component of the automaton, but other times I would feel frustrated if I couldn’t figure out how to solve a problem. The Tech teacher helped me brainstorm a new idea when my original plan wouldn’t work. After a lot of hard work, I finally finished it, and I felt accomplished.

Although I don’t have my automaton, I do have a clear memory of the building process.