Rube Goldberg #5 – Challenges

The biggest challenge we had was when Hana’s brother got the flu. We were close to finishing building our machine when he got it. Hana’s parents didn’t want us to get the flu from Hana’s brother, so they moved the machine to my house. We had to rebuild the whole machine at my house, and we were running out of time. Hana’s basement was bigger and emptier, so at my house we had to squeeze the machine so it would fit, and we couldn’t keep it there for long.

And a few days after Hana’s brother got the flu, Hana got it, too. Hana’s mom gave Hana’s iPad to Barbara’s mom so Barbara could work on our video, since we recorded everything on Hana’s iPad. We used WeVideo, since we already knew how to use it, but we found out that WeVideo is a whole lot easier to use on the computer. So while we were using the iPad, we had some trouble.

I think that the challenges effected us, but we tried hard to overcome them.