Technology – Circuits

On Monday, April 29th, we made a simple circuit using the materials listed below:

– blade switch

– battery pack

– light bulb

– wires

It was a little of trial and error to successfully connect all the wires to be able to light the lightbulb. In order to light the lightbulb, I needed to connect the wires attached to the battery pack to one side of the blade switch, and connect the other side of the blade switch to one side of the lightbulb with a regular wire, and connect the other battery wire to the other side of the lightbulb (I’m not good at explaining things, so if you’re confused just scroll down to the picture at the end). Finally, I counted down three, two, one… and flipped the switch so that there was hopefully a complete working circuit. Nothing happened, I realized aloud.

“You have to turn on the battery,” Sophie, a classmate at my table pointed out.


Whoops. Trying again, I turn my battery pack on. And the lightbulb instantly lights up.

It was gratifying to finally see