Rube Goldberg #6 – Cooperation

During this project, our cooperation wasn’t the best. We fought a lot, and that caused us to get distracted. There were times when we were really frustrated and angry at each other, but there were times when we compromised. I think we could of cooperated more, but I feel like we were trying really hard already.

Also, being in a group of four meant we fought more, but I’m also glad we formed a team because we got to know each other a lot more, plus this was a great learning experience.

Overall, I think out of ten, with ten being the best and one being the worst, I would rate our cooperation a seven. I would rate it a seven because we didn’t cooperate that well, but it was really hard because we were in a group of four. If I was in a group of two, however, I would rate it a six or five.