Tests confirm source of coronavirus outbreak in China

The deadly coronavirus has infected over 2700 people and killed at least 81 people, and began in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China. The virus came from “wet” markets, originating from animals and traveling to humans. The trading of these wild animals (including rats, crocodiles, snakes, and camel meat) is connected to this outbreak. This virus has come at an especially unfortunate time, because it is Lunar New Year which is the busiest travel season. People crowd into public transportation to return to work after visiting their families for the holiday, so the government of Shanghai is extending the holiday by a week to attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. Schools are closed, private cars are banned, and hospitals are being built for the increasing number of patients.

The coronavirus is definitely spreading fast, but people are taking action to stop it. They are reducing the interaction with people in China, and helping those who are infected. However, they should also focus on banning the trade with wild animals, so this virus would not break out in the first place. They should not only cease the spreading, but stop how it was transferred to humans in the first place. This would prevent the epidemic from happening from the beginning. This way, people all over China can celebrate the Lunar New Year together without worrying about the deadly coronavirus.