Notes from a Liar and Her Dog Essay-Caroline

I think the theme for the book Notes from A Liar and Her Dog by Gennifer Choldenko is never lie. My evidence is that there will be consequences for every lie. Even if you get away with it, it will always be traced back to you. For example, when the main character Ant (Antonia) spreads a rumor that she is adopted the Art teacher (Just Carol) tells the principal and gets sent to the principal’s office. 

Ant has a best friend named Harrison who helps Ant whenever she needs help. Ant has two sisters (Kate and Elizabeth) who are mean and annoying. Ant thinks she is adopted because she looks nothing like her sisters and mom. “ Three peas in a pod and one brown acorn” her father says.

Just Carol is sorry that she sent Ant to the principal’s office so she agrees to sign them up for a zoo program. Everything is fine until Ant decides to bring her dog Pistachio to the program even though animals are strictly prohibited. She thought, it’s okay, i’ll just hide him in my coat pocket, but it wasn’t. Everyone heard her scream as Pistachio got loose in the lion cages.

From then on she was prohibited from going to the zoo program.

Ant and Harrison apologized to Just Carol and they were allowed to go to the zoo program again. Under one condition. 

It turned out Ant had taken Pistachio to the without her mother’s permission, and on top of that, she gave the vet the wrong address for payment. Just Carol promised if Ant apologized to the vet and her mom, told her mother, and made up for the vet money, then finally Ant could go back to the zoo program.

Eventually, she and her mom made up, and her sisters weren’t so mean anymore.

Harrison helped, by believing in Ant, but Just Carol was the one who gave Ant second chances and believed Ant could change. In the end, Ant did change by realizing she didn’t have to lie. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think everyone should read it because everyone slips sometimes and lies.

Learnstorm: Growth Mindset

Learnstorm had a big impact on me because it helped me realize I didn’t have to think negative thoughts when I made a mistake. It also helped me realize my negative reaction stopped me from trying again and stopped me from improving. Learnstorm also taught me about a fixed mindset voice which is a voice in your head that tells you to give up. I learned that when I hear that voice I will ignore it. Also when I hear that voice I will take it as a reminder and work harder. I think fixed mindsets are a good and bad thing. I think if you hear the fixed mindset you should ignore it but also work harder.

My First Narrative in 5th Grade


“Where’s my pen?” I seethed. I was fuming. I was furious. It was the 7th time I lost my pen this week. I kept finding it in unusual places like between soap bars, in hidden cabinets, or under stacks of paper, and this time I was beginning to think someone took it on purpose. So I yelled. It was my favorite pen and it was silver and had sparkly pink glitters on it. I would never forgive the person who stole my pen. “Hmm,” I thought. I knew my parents wouldn’t hide my pen on purpose so my only other suspect was. . . . 


Sophia! My twelve year old sister would probably want that pen. She loved that pen and was mad that she didn’t get one when I did. I didn’t confront her, though. While my mom and dad were trying to calm me down, I was barely paying attention. It was no use. I was mad enough and now it was time for action.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sophia slinking down the hall to her bedroom. I addressed my parents, and said, “I’ll be fine now, you can go downstairs.” They seemed relieved and a little surprised when I said that. They didn’t know I was out for revenge and proof.


I’m usually well prepared. Except for the time I took a bath with a bath bomb and Sophia splashed me in the face with water. Also when she poured freezing cold water on my face while I was taking that bath. Anyway, I was saying I’m usually well prepared, which means I have a plan. My plan was to tell Sophia that our parents needed her downstairs for something and sneak into her room to search for my pen.

 So I put my plan into action. I walked casually up to her room, knocked and said, “Sophia? Mom needs you downstairs.” “ok,” Sophia said. She left her room and walked down the hall and downstairs. Perfect. That would buy me some time. I walked into her room and searched. Nothing. Suddenly I heard Sophia coming down the hall. I darted out of her room when she wasn’t looking.


I was fuming because I couldn’t find my pen. I went outside to calm myself down. I sat on the porch and propped my arms on my legs. Suddenly, I caught sight of it. Silver and pink, it looked like a pond with pink glitter in it washed over with the moonlight. It was my pen! I bent down and picked it up. I smiled secretly to myself. As I walked into my house I realized how many times I’d taken my parents for granted and when I was mad and thrown them aside. I regret doing that. I also shouldn’t let my anger get the best of me.


 I also realized that my parents could have yelled at me too, but they didn’t. My parents are a big part of my life so I shouldn’t annoy them, much less yell at them. I never forgot that night and it still serves as a reminder when I am frustrated.



Maglev Trains

                                                                      Maglev   Trains

By Caroline Wu


     A Maglev train is a train that is held up by magnets. It levitates by a force called repulsion. The train’s bottom has magnets attached to it, and the track has same sided magnets on it. For example, the train’s magnets are on south and the track’s magnets are also on south. Then the train would levitate. But if the train’s magnets were south and the track’s magnets were north then they would attract so they wouldn’t levitate .