Popojito Review

looking for a great Mexican restaurant to go to? Then Popojito is the place for you!   ℘

They have Nachos, Tacos almost everything. And in the Tacos you can have fish, chicken, pork, or even SHRIMP! (Shrimp is my favorite along with Pork.) 

The Nacho plates are really good the cheese is really cheesy just the way I like my cheese and you can choose an extra topping (OMG….)  

The drinks are really good you can have lots of drinks last time I was there it took me like 30 minutes to choose. They have this special drink it is called Jarritos they are fizzy and you can choose the taste  you can choose from pineapple,apple,lemon,strawberry,or even cherry.

The dessert is so good I can even taste it right now in my mouth. In the menu you can  get  churros (witch I love) 


So now you get my point that you should go to this AMAZING restaurant

You could be using black panthers cool tech sooner than you think



Article date: march 20 2018

News type: world 

You will be able to use black panthers cool new tech sooner than you think isn’t that cool.

One thing we will probably invent soon is this new cool train called a vibranium-powered levitating train and those are almost like a maglev train (but still better).


Another thing we can invent are holograms in in black panthers world they don’t need phones to call or text they can use their hi-tech kimoyo beads to call the person they want to talk to  and that is what Microsoft is working on.


Personal response: I chose this article because i thought it was cool that we could be using black panthers tech sooner than you think. 

Being the youngest child in the family is not easy at all!

Being the youngest child in the family is not easy at all!


  1. Lots of people tell me that being the oldest or middle child is the hardest and it is interesting to learn about their point of view, but I really do not agree. I mean it looks fun being the oldest child because you can boss your younger siblings around. Even the middle child has someone younger to tell what to do. Lots of people think that being the youngest is the best because you get whatever you want and get the most attention but that is not true. Trust me I know! Here are some reasons why being the youngest child is not easy at all! 


2.One reason being the youngest child in the family is not easy at all is because sometimes the youngest kid gets blamed for things they didn’t do [And I think I usually get blamed because I usually do it…]. Like once my brother hid my other brother’s phone for 2 hours and it all was blamed on me. Even though one was lying the other believed him because why would mature 14 year  olds do such a thing? Nobody believed me because I was the youngest.


  1. Another reason why being the youngest child is not easy is that my parents usually spend more time on my brothers but not me. They are usually helping my brothers with homework and once I was really stuck and my mom was helping my brother and it took my parents about 10 minutes to come to my room from their room.[Which is not a far amount of walking]


  1. My last reason for why being the youngest child is hard is that my mom and dad always let my brothers do cooler and fun things. They let my brothers watch t.v. after  go to bed, and i need to lay there in bed waiting for the sun to rise and my brothers get to stay up late. I miss out on all the fun. My brothers also get more money on their allowance. I always need to do small kid stuff and I am a big girl now and I try to tell my parents that but they never listen.


  1.  I hope you agree with me and I hope I made my point And know that I am used to being the youngest child it has gotten easier but being the youngest is still the hardest



Colonial America – a summary

In this passage colonial America the main idea is how people lived in colonial times. And how there life was different than the Native Americans and what happened back then. The passage also talks about the changes and differences that the Europeans and Native Americans and slaves faced. The first people to come from Europe to the Americas were looking for gold. When the Europeans came to the new land they had many differences such as the Europeans brought ideas of  how they will live and owning their land. And the Europeans believe in owning land but the Native Americans did not. The Native Americans traded with the Europeans for corn and fur and the Europeans gave them metal and colonial cloth. Than they had a war and after the war the Native Americans moved. The Pilgrims and others who came just wanted to study their religion. The next largest group came from Africa. They were sold to the Europeans as slaves. Some slaves worked in tobacco fields and some worked in the kitchen.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was the oldest of five children. His siblings names were (brother) Bartholomew Columbus,  (sister)Bianchinetta Columbus (brother) Giovanni Pellegrino Columbus (brother) Giacomo Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, his first voyage was in 1492. His dad was a merchant in Genoa, and sold very valuable things.

Christopher Columbus’s mom died in 1484. Christopher Columbus and his dad were devastated when

Christopher Columbus’s mom died.

You might think Christopher Columbus was a good person, and found America, but really, he did not. He conquered, killed, and enslaved the natives that were there first.

He settled down in America, and lived there for a few years.

Queen Isabella died a few weeks after Christopher Columbus came back to Spain.

He helped make the Portuguese more rich.

Christopher Columbus was already rich, but he was greedy, and wanted more. People think that Christopher Columbus was a good man, but really, people don’t know his background story. Christopher Columbus remarried in 1479. The important thing about Christopher Columbus is that he was an explorer. He discovered, and made paths for the other explorers. He helped make the Portuguese more wealthy, and discovered way more things than America, but the important thing about Christopher Columbus is that he was an explorer. On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus and his 120 men set sail on their first voyage in 1492. Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506. People remember him as a great explorer, and the person who found America. That’s why we celebrate Christopher Columbus day.


Hello World

Hello World

Hi, my name is Dafna and I’m in fourth grade. Welcome to my blog. I will be talking about things that happen in school, activities, and current events. Here’s a little bit about me. I have twin 14-year old brothers who look nothing alike! One is short and one is tall. My mom has two jobs. She is an archaeologist and an art conservator. My dad works on a news show called Politics Nation.  

These are a few of my hobbies. I like movies, and my favorite movie is The Avengers.  My favorite T.V. show is Doctor Who. I like movies because they make me happy. If I am feeling sad watching movies makes me calmer. I just love the way movies connect to me sometimes.

I like to play tennis and soccer. My favorite soccer player is Messi. I also like Pogba and Ronaldo. My favorite tennis players are Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. I play on a travel soccer team. My team is called Lazio. Usually I play tennis in the summer in Michigan or sometimes with my Dad on the court.

In school my favorite subject is writing. I like writing because I like using my imagination and I like making things up. It’s also because sometimes when I am reading a book I feel like I ’m in that world. Like if I am reading Peter Pan, I can actually feel the wind rushing through my face when Peter Pan is flying.

Come back and read more!!



Maglev trains


   A maglev train is a train that can float with the strength of magnets. My group came up with the idea of using a little bit of everyone’s idea for the maglev train. We made our train by following the things that every person should do first . the things you should do first is  ask  plan imagine create improve