School Lunch in Japan

School lunches are different all around the world. Watch this video from Japan. What do you notice about the Japanese school lunch that’s different from our lunch?


24 thoughts on “School Lunch in Japan

    1. In the U.S.A, the lunch lady’s serve us the lunch. And in Japan, the kids serve the food. And in U.S.A, the kids don’t were smocks and in Japan, the kids were smocks.

  1. The lunch system is different because they eat in there class rooms they have smocks tooth brushes masks kids serve the food

  2. wow! i didn’t no that japan lunch is so different!,like bring toothbrushes or wear white smocks,i think it’s AWESOME!

  3. I noticed that in japan schools they have to wear aprons I think it is because they don’t want there clothes to get dirty.

  4. The kids serve the lunches and in U.S.A the lunch ladies serve the food, and the kids can”t have any sickness if they serve the lunch.

  5. I noticed that the Japanese kids served there own food and the classmates and in America the lunch ladies serves the food.
    Also they eat in the classroom.

  6. I like how they make sure the kids that pass out the food are not sick so that the kids that eat the food don’t get sick.

  7. I noticed that the sixth graders farmed the vegetables and harvested them! Edgewood should do that! It is really interesting to watch other schools do other things!

  8. Such a cool lunch system! It’s so different than are school, like how they have uniforms/outfits, and cheeking if people have a sickness, and the utensils.

  9. The difference was that the children had to serve the lunches and the children ate in the class room. and I didn’t know that they had to be checked if they have any sickness.

  10. I noticed that in Japan they have a very different lunch system. For example they have to bring toothbrushes, smocks, utensils/chopsticks to school. I think that in Japan they have a cool lunch system!

  11. I saw that the kids eat inside their classrooms. They where smocks and hats with masks. They clean the tables too. They also ask questions to their classmates. They need to serve the food too their classmates. All of them order too. They bring cups and toothbrushes too. They say thank you to their teacher.

  12. I never knew that in Japan they had to eat in there classroom. Because in the U.S.A, we don’t eat in our classroom. Nice story!

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