Healthy Communities

This video featuring cartoon birds on a wire sends a message about what makes up a healthy community of individuals. Watch the video. When you’re done watching respond to these questions. What does this cartoon say about communities? Who is the antagonist in this video?

59 thoughts on “Healthy Communities

  1. If you mock someone they end up laughing at you because the birds made fun of the big bird and he ended up laughing his laugh!

  2. it shows that a healthy community is nice to each other- even if their different. the clip birds on a wire was a example of a unhealthy community.

  3. In some communities there are bully’s and in other there are not. In this community there are bully’s. When the little birds saw the big bird they where laughing because he was different then the little birds. They tried to get him by pecking at his fingers and they did but all there feathers fell off because he was heaver. The lesson is do not be mean to others and it may come right back to you.

  4. In all healthy communities it’s important to get along, in this video the little birds laughed at the big bird because he was different.

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