Our EV3 Robots: Putting the Pieces Together

Mr. Cadalzo and Mrs. Huang got their classes together to build their EV3 robotics kits. Students got together in groups, which included children from both classes and they took turns building parts of the robot. This was their first time getting together. Please use the Comment space below to share your ideas on what worked well with the new partnerships and how we can improve our teamwork.

20 thoughts on “Our EV3 Robots: Putting the Pieces Together

  1. 1 of my problems was that the book was hard because it was upside-down and my friend Harper gets to do a lot of stuff.

  2. it went well but it was a little bit boring because I didn’t do much. next time, I hope that I could do more so that I can have more fun.

  3. I think it did not go well because,the girls tuck our turns and we were not having fun.I hope next time it works out well.Next I hope I have fun the girls needed to shape up.Other than that it was fine

  4. It went well, but sometimes we got in to a argument about who put in witch pieces. And who got to take out the pieces.

  5. I enjoyed making the robot because it was really cool to make everyone was taking turns. We got all the way up to step 16 .

  6. I think that we all should make improvements by taking turns and letting each other have a turn because if we do not we will not be able to conesentrate.

  7. We all had a fun time.The partners were kind of hard to figure out, but other than that their were barely any problems.I think Eve3s are pretty neat.

  8. My opinion is that i think working with other classes is really fun because, we all worked together by building Lego’s and working together, and taking terns. And it is so,so,soooo fun.

  9. I learned that if you try out Karma, well karma is something that when you do something good, then something god will happen back to you.

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