Technology: the Power to Connect and Disconnect Us

Technology has the power to pull people together. It can also separate us from the people who matter most. How do we find that balance in our lives where technology becomes a tool for learning and bringing people together? Watch the video below. In the Leave a Comment section, respond to the following question: Do you think the parents in the video see technology as a tool that disconnects families or brings them together? Explain your response using examples from this video story.

21 thoughts on “Technology: the Power to Connect and Disconnect Us

  1. I think that the mom in the video thinks that she is using the phone too much and it is bringing her away from her family. The dad thinks that devices can bring the family together and let them have a good time with family and not just for texting about bagels.

  2. the mom is worried because she uses her phone to much, but the dad sees technology as a tool to bring them closer.

  3. I think that the dad thinks that going on electronics is bringing them closer by memories, but the mom thinks it’s just wasting there time and disconnecting the family by going on electronics to much.

  4. I think that the parents of the family think that devices bring them closer together because they play together on the phone and they laugh when they`re using it together. The mom is a little concerned about if they use the phone to much but even if they do it still brings them closer together

  5. I think the mom is worried about using her smart phone to much, But the dad see’s it as bringing the family closer together.

  6. I think its disconnecting families because,your not spending time with families and friends when threre on there devices

  7. The mom thinks that it is to much screen time. And the Dad thinks that it brings the family together

  8. the parents think that it brings them together.
    Because the sit on the couch and watch him and his dater.

  9. I think the mom in this short video story says the family is using too much screen time like texting about bagels and cheese.On the other hand the dad says it brings family together like spending time with his daughter.

  10. You: Do you think the parents in the video see technology as a tool that disconnects families or brings them together?

    Me:First I thought well they just sent random texted messages, they use technology in a bad way that dives family’s apart.Then I saw the part about the dad and the daughter, together and I thought aw they look so happy a together! That is when I thought the way they (The family in the video)use technology is so to bring the family together!

  11. The mom thinks that there is to much tech,but the dad thinks it brings them together. That is why he shows the mom that tech is good. So there has to be a balance.

  12. I think that the dad thinks that technology is getting the family together but the mom uses technology and it disconnects the family.

  13. i think it brings them together because they are making memories and making silly photos!!! and that is my answer.

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  14. I think the mom thinks that it is keeping them away from each other because they where writing ”I like bagels” and they where texting about cheese and stuff like that. I also think the dad thinks it is getting them closer because him and the daughter are spending time together.

    sophia ferone

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