Who Am I?

The person we see in ourselves is sometimes different from the way others see us. And sometimes it’s the same. In the comment space below, write a sentence that includes three words to describe yourself. For example: I am (word 1, word 2, word 3). Next, write a new sentence that includes three words that…

Outdoor Pre-School

It’s not unusual for teachers to take their students outdoors to learn, but imagine if their classrooms were already outdoors. In Germany, there’s a preschool where its walls, toys, and tools for learning are entirely outside. Click below to watch!   If your classroom could be outdoors for the day, what would you study? What…

Healthy Communities

This video featuring cartoon birds on a wire sends a message about what makes up a healthy community of individuals. Watch the video. When you’re done watching respond to these questions. What does this cartoon say about communities? Who is the antagonist in this video?

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights is a phenomenon that creates one of Nature’s most beautiful light shows. Take a look at the video of the lights below, then read more about them here. In the Reply space below, answer the following questions. How did Native American people, such as the Alaskan Inuit and the Menominee tribe, explain the appearance…

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