Rube Goldberg – Post #2

Everything is coming along well. Tyler and I finished the sketch via FaceTime last night. I think the way we will start the machine is cool, but it is unclear if it will work or not because we haven’t tested it yet. The plan is to tie one end of a piece of string too a Nerf bullet and tie the other to a toy car so when we shoot the Nerf gun, it pulls the toy car. Although it would be very cool if it worked, I don’t think it will. One way I think I could make it work is with the small hole at the tip of the bullet:

Although we finished the sketch, I don’t think we should start building just yet. We should probably test some things, such as the Nerf bullet step. Another problem with our sketch is that the machine will have multiple layers, which would be extremely hard to build. It would look like this: 


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