Rube Goldberg – Post #3

New plan. Tyler and I tested the Nerf gun idea and it didn’t work. We also realized how stupid our first sketch was and how hard it would be to build. So, instead of having one step on a pegboard, the whole machine will. This is our new sketch:

When we were making the new sketch, we used this video to help us.

It will be much easier to build the machine now that it will be on a pegboard because we will be able to build it up and down. As for the actual pegboard, Tyler has one. As for the Nerf gun step, we are only going to change it a little bit. Instead of having all of the nonsense with the string and the toy car, we are just going to have a mousetrap fire the gun at some dominoes. This also makes more sense because it allows us to use a toy car later in the machine.

One thought on “Rube Goldberg – Post #3

  1. Daniel, you are doing a great job blogging about your process and ideas. I photos you chose to include really support what you are discussing in your post. I am excited to see the final result! Keep up the good work!
    PS I also like the format/style/layout of your blog!

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