May 19

Capstone Post #3 – Interview

I was kind of nervous when I heard that we had to do an interview as part of our research for Capstone. I knew who I was going to interview from an early stage, but I didn’t really know what to ask about. Regardless, I drafted an email to the person I was going to interview, Irene Wong. I just told her who I was, about my project, how I got in contact with her and that I wanted to interview her. Then I started to work on my interview questions. I didn’t know how many I was supposed to have so I started with 8. Then, I asked Ms. Gleaves to help me a little and we edited and added more. I also worked on them with my parents and Mrs. Cooper. Click here to see my interview questions. Irene responded the next day. We eventually arranged for me to come to her office on Wednesday, 5/17/17. The only problem was that she could only meet in the morning,(10:30) and her office was downtown so I missed school that day.

I was kind of nervous when we (my mom and I) got there. Would she give me helpful answers? When I got there, I introduced myself and we got straight to the interview. You can listen to the interview below. 

She gave some really helpful answers. The most helpful one was how she explained that the shows that used to air on The Food Network were more of a “dump-and-stir” style show. That is when a chef shows you how to make a recipe. The shows now are more either shows were contestants compete or a chef shows you their kind of lifestyle as apposed to just showing you how to make a certain food.

After the interview, she showed me around her office and she introduced me to some of the editing crews. I even got to see a sneak peak of a potential show. She then took me to a bakery on the ground floor of her building that was amazing:

Overall, my interview went over really well. I got a lot of information and it was really fun.

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  1. acooper

    Daniel, excellent job on this post! You thoughtfully reflected on the process. I am so glad you were able to have such a helpful interview and visit. That bakery food looks amazing! I am so glad that you incorporated a link to listen to your interview. What a great idea!


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