May 24

Capstone Post #4 – Site Visit

As part of our research for Capstone, we also have to do a “site visit”. That is when you go somewhere that is related to your topic and try to find some information. When I heard back from the person I interviewed, she said she would show me around her office and introduce me to some people who work on the editing crews in addition to the interview.

When she started to show me around, I thought that it looked exactly like how TV editing rooms look on TV and in movies. I got a glimpse of what some of the people were working on and it almost looked like they were using an extremely advanced version of iMovie.

Some people were editing shows and more technical stuff, but some people were doing other things, too. For example, four peoples’ jobs were to find locations and do all of the planning for shoots. Another person was working on coloring. His job was to adjust the lighting and colors on the all of the video that was shot and make it look as good as possible. There were even two people who’s jobs were to give people money for letting them shoot at their restaurants and other things like that.

Although I think I got more information out of my interview, my site visit was helpful and provided information.

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