Technology #10

over the past couple of days we have been working on our automatas. To start we made our box and cut triangles to make the box more straight. Next I made the hole on the side so I can put the stick in. After that I cut a little square and also poked a hole through that and put the stick through it. After that I cut out my cam and follower. After I cut it Mr. Calvert said that my follower is a better size for my cam so I used that more my cam and cut a new follower. I then thought about if I still wanted to do the jump rope because we only had 2 days to do it so I decided to just do a flag because its a lot simpler. I added that to the top and added my follower and then I was almost done, I just needed to add pennies so I did and I was done! I thought this was really cool to make and I really enjoyed making it.

Technology #9

Yesterday we started brain storming about what we wanted to be on top of the box. I wanted to do a fish swimming but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that and it got to complicated. I then asked someone if they had any good ideas. They gave me a couple ideas that were really good and I liked them. I then thought about which one would be the easiest but also the coolest. After a little bit of thinking I decided to do someone jumping rope. On top of the box there will be a jump rope and a person going up and down. I drew down my idea and showed Mr. Calvert. He said that it was a good idea but he wasn’t sure how I could make it but then he looked again and I explained my idea of how I would make it. He thought it was a good idea. I’m so excited to start making it!

Technology #8

2 days ago in technology Mr. Calvert gave us boxes with a stick that you twist and then something on top of the box does something. He gave us 6 different boxes and for each box we had to draw what we thought was happening inside the box. What I thought was happening inside the box wasn’t actually what was happening. Mr. Calvet showed us what was actually happening inside. When you twist a stick on the outside it twists something in the inside causing the object on top of the box to do what you made it to do. We then found out that we would be making these. I’m really excited!

Technology Post #7

Over the past couple of days I have been making my flashlight. The first thing I did was cut my wires. After I cut my wires I saturned them together. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it so I asked Mr. Calvert and then he showed me and I was able to do it. I wasnt nervous because I had done it before. Next I cut my PVC pipe. I was scared that I was gonna cut myself or someone else but then I realized that I wouldnt as long as I was careful. After my PVC pipes were cut it was time to put the wholes for the led light and switch. I got help from my classmate but I still thought I was gonna cut my finger off. Then I put the wires in and my flashlight was done! I just had to decorate it. I really like how my flashlight turned out!

Technology Post #6

This week in Technology we started making our flashlights. First Mr. Calvert explained why we would be making flashlights. After he explained that kids got stuck in a cave and we needed to make flashlights so the people swimming to save them would be able to see I started to think. I knew that I wanted to make a simple flashlight so I looked at the pieces of pvc pipes. I decided to just do a simple flashlight. Next Mr. Calvert showed us how to make our diagram. I made my diagram and I had to get it approved and after I did I was able to start making my flashlight. I got my diagram approved quickly because my flashlight was so simple so my diagram was simple.

Technology Post #5

Today and yesterday we used bread board to make lights turn on. Yesterday we got to try it out and if we needed help we got help. I turned on 6 led lights. Today we had a challenge. Our challenge was to turn on 3 led lights with no help from Mr. Calvert. I was able to do it and then I helped other people. After everyone did it we connected our switches to see if they would turn the led light on. I found it cool to learn about how our switches work.

Technology post #4

This week in technology we made saturn people. To make it we took metal and formed a person. We got to make our person doing whatever we want. I chose my person to be doing karate. I had to bend the metal to make my person look like it’s doing Karate. Next I used the saturned iron. I was really nervous because i thought I would burn myself or someone else. I decided it would be ok so I did it and it was soooo fun. After I let my person cool down and I was done. I really enjoyed doing this.

Technology Post #3

Hello everyone,

This week in Technology we worked with circuits. We did a project where when you put 2 pieces of tin foil together the little light bulb. I took a close pins and put the tin foil where the close pins close. Then I tried to see if it would turn on and it did! Next I made one where you push down something and at the bottom was tin foil. The last one I made was where you cross popsicle sticks. They all turned  on the light when I tried. I thought this was a really cool experience.

Technology Post 2

This week in technology we learned about Atoms and the periodic table. We did several games and a fun activities. The activity we did was to see how much battery is left in the battery. I enjoyed it and I thought that it was cool how you were able to figure it out. We also learned the periodic table song. It’s a really good way to know what the periodic table is. Overall I’m really enjoying technology and i’ve learned alot.

Technology Post #1

This quarter I have technology as my quartly. So far we focused on how to stay safe and did a fun activity. My favorite thing we did so ar was the activity. The activity was we had to look for clues to unlock 3 locks. It was called breakout. It taught us how to work as a team and communicate with each other.

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