Ellis Island Field Trip

Hello everyone,

Today the whole fifth grade went to Ellis Island. I thought that this was a cool experience. First we took a 15 minute ferry to Ellis Island. We got off and got to walk around the first floor for a little. On the first floor there were little areas with bags that people took and information about the baggage room. Next we met our tour guide and went upstairs to the great hall. He made us take the physical and legally test. If you didn’t know something like your rights from your lefts he showed you what would happen. After we were done with the tourĀ  we walked around for a little bit then we watched a short film about what it was like to immigrate to America, The people who narrated it were people who were immigrates. When the short film was over we had lunch. We got to sit outside and enjoy the nice view which was the Statue of Liberty and a skyline. When people where done eating they took pictures around the water. Next we went inside and went to the third floor where there were rooms of where people stayed at Ellis Island, clothes people wore and many other things. Finally, we took a 45 minute ferry ride back to the buses. While we were on the ferry we passed the Statue of Liberty and stopped while people took pictures. When the ferry the ferry ride was over we got on the buses and headed back to school.


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