Making my Final Capstone Project (#6)

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be talking about making my final capstone project. At first I wanted to do a movie but after a lot of thinking I decided to do a TED talk. I wanted to make it fun by adding questions into the TED talk. At first I decided I would ask them in the middle of the TED talk, I soon changed it to after and would do what do you remember. I started with writing my script. To write my script I listened to my interview again and again then also checked my notes. Next I made my slideshow. I matched the pictures on the slides with my script. After all my slides were made I copy and pasted my script into the speaker notes. Then I started to practice. I thought that people would get bored if I didn’t change the slide that much so I made more slides and changed the slides a lot more. Once I liked the way my slideshow looked I practiced, practiced and just kept practicing until I had it memorized. I really like the way my TED talk turned out.

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