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Technology #8

2 days ago in technology Mr. Calvert gave us boxes with a stick that you twist and then something on top of the box does something. He gave us 6 different boxes and for each box we had to draw what we thought was happening inside the box. What I thought was happening inside the box wasn’t actually what was happening. Mr. Calvet showed us what was actually happening inside. When you twist a stick on the outside it twists something in the inside causing the object on top of the box to do what you made it to do. We then found out that we would be making these. I’m really excited!

Technology Post #6

This week in Technology we started making our flashlights. First Mr. Calvert explained why we would be making flashlights. After he explained that kids got stuck in a cave and we needed to make flashlights so the people swimming to save them would be able to see I started to think. I knew that I wanted to make a simple flashlight so I looked at the pieces of pvc pipes. I decided to just do a simple flashlight. Next Mr. Calvert showed us how to make our diagram. I made my diagram and I had to get it approved and after I did I was able to start making my flashlight. I got my diagram approved quickly because my flashlight was so simple so my diagram was simple.

Technology Post #5

Today and yesterday we used bread board to make lights turn on. Yesterday we got to try it out and if we needed help we got help. I turned on 6 led lights. Today we had a challenge. Our challenge was to turn on 3 led lights with no help from Mr. Calvert. I was able to do it and then I helped other people. After everyone did it we connected our switches to see if they would turn the led light on. I found it cool to learn about how our switches work.

Technology Post 2

This week in technology we learned about Atoms and the periodic table. We did several games and a fun activities. The activity we did was to see how much battery is left in the battery. I enjoyed it and I thought that it was cool how you were able to figure it out. We also learned the periodic table song. It’s a really good way to know what the periodic table is. Overall I’m really enjoying technology and i’ve learned alot.

Coding #3

My 3rd project was on scratch. Scratch has more games to make, so my 3rd project is a fashion game. You drag the shirts, shoes, hat and glasses onto the character. When you click the shirts it will change color to help you make a better outfit or you can keep the shirts the color they are. If you pass a color that you want keep clicking and it will come back. I like this project because you can get creative and try out new things. Have fun designing!
Here is my project:

Testing Our Rube Goldberg

Today we met to test and film our Rube Goldberg. I was really excited because I wasn’t sure how many fails we were gonna have. We had worked really had and tested out each part out before adding it together so it us unpredictable how many fails we were gonna have.

Finally we started to test it out. When I flipped the switch the platform didn’t move so I flipped it the other way and it still didn’t turn FAIL. The next time I flipped the switch it worked and everything worked except our task FAIL. Then I flipped the switch it worked until the marble went off the ramp FAIL. Finally I flipped the switch and IT WORKED! We had 3 fails and 1 success.


Hi everybody, So today I want to talk about my favorite thing in the world CAMP!!!!!!!! I love camp so much! I go for 7 weeks every summer! I go to Camp Taconic!!! Some of my favorite activities are circus, woodworking, ceramics, water skiing etc. Overall I love camp and I can’t wait to go back!!!!!!

Read Aloud: Star Girl – Jot 1

Hillary had the power over Star Girl and most people in her school. I think Hillary is jealous of Star Girl because now she has the power all because of halftime show during the football game. Now everyone is following Star Girl but they were afraid to go near her because they still didn’t know that she was safe even though she was sort of popular but wasn’t super popular just s inch popular. Hillary may think that this is unfair because she is losing her popularity to Star Girl. It’s like Hillary and Star Girl switched bodies. One thing that is very important about Star Girl is that she doesn’t care what people think she lets people make fun of her. She ISN’T afraid to be herself.

Every Living Thing: Jot 2

Jack doesn’t care how his life goes because he is fine with going to jail. I know this because in the text it states ” He would escape. What could they do to him? Throw him in jail? So what, he felt like a prisoner anyway ”. This shows that jack doesn’t care how his life goes. Since he already feel like a prisoner he doesn’t care if he goes to jail.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year! I’m excited for this school year! I also miss my teacher from last year. This school year is going to be great! I think there are many fun activities and projects plan already! I also have a great class! My teacher is also amazing and I think she will teach me so many more things.

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