March 17

What is Energy?

Energy is what makes everything happen. It is inside everything, living or not. Chemical energy is in our food, giving us the ability to do work. Mechanical energy is in cars and trains, building up and accelerating. Energy comes in many other forms too such as thermal energy, like the energy we use to cook food.

November 4

Building my circut

Today I finally soldered my wires and battery. It was confusing at first, but I did it. First, I soldered my smaller wire to the light. Then I took my switch, hooked the other side of the wire onto the switch and soldered again. Next, I had to take my bigger wire and hooked it on to the other side of the switch. I linked the other side of the wire to the empty batteries anode side. Next I took my negative wire and linked it to the battery and LED light and soldered it all! My circut is DONE!

October 29

Drilling my pipe

In technology, I am closing in on the flashlight. I needed to cut a hole for the light and the switch. Then our teacher gave a demonstration on how to use the drill press, and I was like “that’s it!” Right after the demonstration was over, I went over to the press. I slid my pipe into the grip, adjusted my pipe and turned the press on. Slowly, I pulled the spinning blade down into the pipe. 1,2,3 and bam, the drill made a hole! I am almost there! Next time I hope I get to solder!

October 29

Cutting my pipe

In technology, we are still working on our flashlights. I have my wires all cut out and ready. I have finished cutting my pipe. It was very hard to cut the pipe. I took the big pipe, drew a marker to indicate where I should saw, secure it in the saw holder and started to saw. After a few minutes, I had barely made a dent! Then, I found out a trick! It doesn’t matter how hard you press, but how fast you move the saw. I got it done quickly after I had found out that trick. I had my pipe and I am ready for the next step!

October 27

Technolegy Portfolio 6

Our waterproof flashlights are going very well. We are making the blueprints and some are even making the circuits already! I am almost ready to finish my circuits! I have my blueprints done and I am doing my wires just before putting it all together and making the circuits. My measurements are 10 inches, 6 and a half inches and four inches.  I also have all of my pipes measured for when I cut them. Its going great and I will have a flashlight that works underwater!

October 26


Today we have started to make our flashlights. They have to be waterproof, working under and above water without breaking. We are using pipes to be the “flashlight and wires inside. The switch has a rubber boot over it so water can’t get into the circuit and break it. My circuit is going to have a long negative side but 2 positive sides to make the switch work. I think it will turn out well!

October 20

Technology portfolio 4

I gave the pendent I made to my Grandmother for her birthday. I felt happy. We played the self-driving car game. My switches worked! We also got assigned a new project. We have to make a waterproof flashlight that is functional underwater. The flashlight should be equipped with things that people stuck in a cave would need. For instance food or water and other essentials, or Maybe letters from loved ones. It will be hard to make a waterproof flashlight, but I think I can do it!

October 20

Technology Portfolio 3

I have finished my pendent for the soldering project. It has turned out pretty good. I ended up making a heart pendent. Also we are starting our switches for the self-driving car game. The game is played with 4 people. One person controls the switches and is the “car” another person is the police, they count the number of mistakes and the time the car takes. The remaining two are obstacles. They throw down cards. If there is one red card, the car presses the switch on that side if there are no red cards you do nothing, if both are red cards, you flip the switch in the middle. I couldn’t wait!

September 17

Technology Portfolio 2

In technology class we started to design our sodering projects My official design is a star. I like it! I cant wait to sodder it so it can be a pendent for my sister. I want to give it to her on her birthday! I hope she will like it. I hope it comes out good! My design looks good but that’s computer work! Maybe I will wait to make a different pendent for my sister after I get better. Can’t wait to see how my star turns out!