Founderbook 2019

Each student was assigned a founding father to research. We then created a fake Facebook page called “Founderbook” that documented out time at the Constitutional Convention.  Students learned a lot about the convention, the delegates who were there, and the way life was during that time period.  To celebrate, each student dressed up as his/her […]


This year we continued the tradition of participating in Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF.  Last year we raised around $1,500 which was amazing and I thought there was no way we would surpass that amount.  After all the money was collected and counted we had a little over $2,000!  I am amazed and very proud of all […]

Halloween 2017

I love Halloween!  I loved it as a kid growing up and I love it as an adult and teacher.  You can ask any of my former students and they will be able to tell you what we did on Halloween in 5th grade.  I have been reading the same ghost stories for 15 years […]

Class of 2017-2018

I am very excited for this year! Many of my students have blogged before so we are going to hit the ground running.  In this blog you will find posts about the projects we are doing in school as well as blog posts about our individual passions.  Enjoy our blogs and feel free to comment […]

MLB Opening Day!

Today is Opening Day for the NY Mets.  I love this day and this time of year.  I grew up a Mets fan and always remember this being a special day.  Not only is it the beginning of baseball season, but it marks the end of winter and beginning of spring.  I get that feeling […]

Caine’s Arcade 2017

Our Caine’s Arcade games came out great this year!  The students worked very hard up to the very last minute in getting their games ready to be played.  Each student displayed their game, rules for their game, and their conceptual model.  We had 3 first grade classes come play during our arcade session and they […]