Caine’s Arcade 2017

Our Caine’s Arcade games came out great this year!  The students worked very hard up to the very last minute in getting their games ready to be played.  Each student displayed their game, rules for their game, and their conceptual model.  We had 3 first grade classes come play during our arcade session and they had a blast!  My students were exhausted by the end of our session, but they were also very proud of what they made.  We had a wide variety of games to chose from, and I feel that all of our Tinker Town activities helped to lift the level of the games this year.

Here is one video that Caine himself watched and “liked” on Twitter:


2 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade 2017

  1. Hey Dave!

    I really enjoyed looking at the different posts that your kids made about Caine’s Arcade. That looks like a blast, and great experiences for kids with regard to STEAMing! You and your class should be proud. Hopefully you guys can give us some support, for I think we will try the same type of work, with the goal of it being a fundraiser in the spring.

    I was also impressed with your UNICEF collection efforts that you told me about yesterday. I’ve never heard of so much money being raised by one small group of kids in just one night. Nice job!

    We are currently involve in organizing two fundraisers. I wonder if you guys would like to participate? On Valentines Day we will be leaving hand-made Valentine cards in kids lockers, and if their parents wanted, a small treat as well. We’re charging $5 for the cards and $1 for the treat. All the money will be going to send kids from Mount Vernon to summer camp.

    We’re also organizing a tag sale to raise money for the same cause. That tag sale is on February 24th and 25th, over the vacation. Let’s talk more if you’d like to participate. We can help you get both up and running quickly and easily!

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