This year we continued the tradition of participating in Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF.  Last year we raised around $1,500 which was amazing and I thought there was no way we would surpass that amount.  After all the money was collected and counted we had a little over $2,000!  I am amazed and very proud of all the 5th grade students at QR who took the time and energy to collect the money and explain to people where the donations would go.  This year the money we collected will directly have an impact on places that were hit hard by hurricanes this summer, like Puerto Rico.  It feels good knowing that we are helping in the recovery of a place like Puerto Rico.  Rights, responsibilities and respect are 3 big themes we talk about all year long.  We are trying to be global citizens who do things for the common good.  Trick-Or-Treating for UNICEF is a great way to demonstrate this type of behavior.

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