Thursday March 26 – 3L Work

Below is the link to pose any questions you may have for me to answer throughout the day.

Questions for Mrs. Luciano

I will click on your post and write my response there. At some point today you may want to visit these pages. Some great options for you!

Remember to plan out your day. Do an assignment. Take a mental break (go outdoors, listen to music, play a board game – whatever you need.) Then come back and tackle another assignment. That seems to be the best approach and one where you can get the most out of your day!


Before watching the lesson below, please make sure you listen to the read aloud of chapter 25! It is on the google doc I shared with you titled “Because of Winn-Dixie – Luciano”.

Here is Lesson 12:

I have shared in your Social Studies folder the two slides I’d like you to add to your E-Learning slideshow. After watching the video you will know how to complete them.

Thought Prompts – Lesson 12

Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. With a book in your hand, or digitally, make sure you keep up your reading time. Epic, Storyworks, Scholastic, or many of the databases on the library website are great for finding new texts. Another great source is to visit our SeeSaw account and look at my page. Many of you have posted about your book recommendations already and there are some great suggestions!


Today’s math lesson is brought to you by Mrs. DeGrazia!!  Enjoy! This is a lesson about finding the area of a shape that has curves.

Here is the workbook pages that goes along with this video. You will need to print this out, however depending on how large or small you print it out, the answers may vary from student to student. That is okay :)! This is for the experience. Below is the link for what the workbook page 171 looks like, however I am placing the page in your Social Studies folder for you with the title: Workbook page 171

Workbook page 171

Social Studies

You are now going to complete the “Social Aspects” section of the Cultural Universals. This will be due by Friday. You may need to use sources for your research such as parents, internet, books, etc. The Google Slides called, Cultural Universals Project, has been placed in your Social Studies folder for you already. Feel free to fill it out directly on the slides or print it out to hand write the information.

 Social Aspects Section due Friday 

Words Their Way

You have been assigned a new sort for this coming week. Those of you who have NOT submitted your previous week’s sort, please do so today BEFORE you start your new sort. You will need to log onto “Words Their Way”, which you can access through Heathcote Gateway and continue working on the spelling unit for this week. Click on the link and sign onto your account.

Words Their Way


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Go to Ms. Cameron’s Art page. Here is our class link:

3rd Grade – Luciano: code: i22zv35

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Senor mentioned that you have to log in.

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber

Just for fun: Our ELA coordinator has shared a wonderful read aloud for us to enjoy! Kick back and listen in!

And just a friendly reminder! Tune in at noon today! RJ Palacio will continue her read aloud 🙂

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